Welcome to the world of Rina Lynne! Here is where you will find the creations and products of Rina Lynne. As a creator, I have dabbled in many different mediums. When I started painting, it was all about oils. I still enjoy pulling out my oil paints once in a while, but I feel myself being geared toward acrylic painting more and more as of late! The vibrant colors and fast drying time has really got me hooked! I can be much more careless and experimental with my acrylic products (and also finish a piece much faster :) ) which has given me the opportunity to explore different styles.

The reason I started with watercolours is because I teach classes at an arts and craft store so the ladies really latched onto watercolor. I hear and see quite often that successful artists really pinpoint a medium/style. For me, it is really important to explore different mediums and experiment with whatever your heart desires because how else are you supposed to find your true passion if you don’t explore?!

We offer fine art prints of the best original works made easily accessible for purchase here on the website. Original works are not available for direct purchase on the site BUT are definitely available to buy through email (rinalynne22@gmail.com) or through direct message on social media (Insta @rinalynneartwork). We are more than happy to chat with anyone who may have questions or concerns so PLEASE do not hesitate!

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